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He grants wisdom (al-hikma) to whom He wills; and he who has been granted wisdom (al-hikma) has indeed been granted abundant good.
                       (Qur'an 2: 269)

"Actions are judged upon intentions."


Maktaba al-Ashrafia
Or, an Online Interlocutory Locus for Interdisciplinary Approaches to Tradition and Modernity

Maktaba al-Ashrafia is a non-profit website devoted to engaging traditional Islamic discourse in a scholarly conversation with the modern social sciences.

Featured Articles/Sources:
From Qasim to Qasim: A Brief Survey of Islamic Orthodoxy in the Indian Subcontinent from the Warrior Muhammad ibn Qasim to the Philosopher-Theologian Muhammad Qasim Nanotwi (by Ali Altaf Mian).
Bibliography: Shah Wali Allah Studies
(by Dr. Marcia K. Hermansen).

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18 May 2006

This website offers numerous useful links to traditional Islamic primary texts in Arabic and Urdu. Many of these texts are by the renowned Indian sufi-theologian, Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanawi (1863-1943). These have been organized in an online library. Maktaba al-Ashrafia also provides a bibliography of works by him and on him. Articles on Thanawi include "The Text and a Muslim Author's Paternalistic Nurturing: The Literary Contributions of Ashraf Ali Thanawi (1863-1943)" and "Ashraf Ali Thanawi's Conception of Islamic Mysticism," both by Ali Altaf Mian, who has also summarized Mawlana Thanawis Answer to Modernism (also in pdf). Moreover, we also feature essays and sources on other relevant topics as well (see the left side).

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